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We ignite web3 & fintech careers.

Sectors We Recruit In

Discover the dynamic sectors BlockRec specialises in for top talent recruitment.

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BlockRec leverages expertise, extensive networks, and genuine passion to connect you with Web3/Fintech innovators shaping the future.

BlockRec Logo

We ignite web3/fintech careers.

London, United Kingdom

+44 020 4579 5285

Blackout Platform

Blackout is our membership-only platform by BlockRec that connects top web3/fintech talent with companies

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"BlockRec connects top-tier talent with innovative companies in the Web3 and Fintech sectors, offering expert recruitment services and a tailored approach to meet your unique hiring needs. Trust us to find the perfect fit for your team, ensuring growth and success in the evolving digital landscape."

Our Value Proposition

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