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A New Dawn in Crypto Recruitment

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Recruitment is best SIMPLIFIED

A New Dawn


Crypto is a concept born of innovation. 

It's technology, and others like it, continue to permanently change the way industries from Finance to Gaming operate. 

And the more we see things change, the more we expect change in every aspect of life. 


Many industries have seen technology replace humans. However, at BlockRec, we believe that technology works best when combined with the HUMAN TOUCH...

​A Fresh Perspective


We believe the beauty of great recruitment is in it's SIMPLICITY

Your recruitment should be handled by sector-specific experts who are fully committed to the areas of expertise your business covers...


When you partner with BlockRec, you're building a relationship with a recruitment partner that is fully COMMITTED to the Crypto/Web3 space, and has the expertise available to cover all the essential areas your business requires including:

- DeFi.

- P2E Blockchain Gaming.

- Metaverse.

- Web3 Security & Compliance.

- Crypto Exchanges.

- Financial Trading.

A New World

EVOLUTION should be a journey... as we evolve on our journey, we want to make sure we play a huge part in yours. 

Our commitment to the personal touch is one of long-term gain and we reflect this in our dedication, both to our clients and our candidates. 

Whether you are a seed-funded firm with big aspirations, or a multinational conglomerate, we ASPIRE to accompany you on your journey to success wherever it may lead... 


To our candidates, nothing excites us more than seeing someone grow from a starter to a leader. We STRIVE to be there along each step up the corporate ladder, from beginning to boardroom. 

Executive Management

Engineering & Tech

Our Expertise...

Sales & Marketing

Finance & Operations

Legal & Complaince

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Our Process


Our unique qualitative approach helps us to build relationships and understand your business better. 

At BlockRec, we take the time to learn all the nuances of your business' operations, from culture to future plans, making us truly feel like part of your internal process, and helping us service you better over time. 


Take advantage of our industry-wide network to scale your teams. 

We use the information gathered from our in-depth qualification calls to scour our network for market leading candidates that match your expectations. 

We also make sure we conduct a thorough pre-screening interview of all our candidates before they are introduced to the client, making sure every detail of their career history is represented fairly and accurately. 


Our service doesn't stop at the introduction stage.

We make sure that we are there to assist you in your hiring needs from end to end. 


This includes helping to manage your interview schedule, managing candidate expectations throughout the process to keep them engaged, and attaining regular feedback to ensure our service continues to evolve. 

Maximise your recruitment with our bespoke solutions...


We provide in-depth consultation and candidate search services at no upfront cost.


Perfect for clients requiring assistance on specialist searches and solo projects.


Covers all recruitment within a specific project for a discounted monthly upfront fee.


Perfect for clients looking for a short-term rapid growth model at no hidden cost.


Embed our talent services within your organization to assist your hiring strategy, manage your growth model and, scale rapidly at an upfront monthly cost.


Perfect for clients looking to scale steadily and consistently as part of a long-term growth model.

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Our Founders

Planning your next steps...

BlockRec Brochure

Click the PDF document above to download BlockRec's Client Brochure.


This document provides more detail around our approach to searches and how we partner with our clients. 

Book a meeting with us

Click the calendar icon above to access our Calendly and book a meeting with us. 


We provide 30 minute slots to discuss our partnerships, understand your requirements and discuss open vacancies.  

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London, United Kingdom

+44 020 4579 5285

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